Sunday, March 29, 2009

DAMN that hurts!

This morning I showed up for the Shamrock shuffle complete with heavy falling "slush". Cold weather, and sloppy streets. First race of the year, hardly no running in the last 2 months, and yesterdays 60 miler in my legs. I held my own and ran an evenly paced run. The thought came to mind, running very close to your limit for 5 miles hurts like hell! But of course it does...Still had a good kick after that sinister last half a mile that Chicago has decided to put in all their races that ends in Grant Park. That section is a bitch, but at least I knew it was coming...
Finish stats 39:29 7:57 pace,152 in my division, 1456 among men, 1781 overall

Considering I've ran 3 times since Jan 31, I'm "somewhat" satisfied with my results. Need to adjust to pain in the race zone, cuz like I said, running 5 miles at near your redline hurts like hell, then there's the lack of recovery from yesterdays 60.

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