Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Don't do as I do unless I tell you to

Being a parent has it's rewards and challenges. I've seen a bit of both recently. My younger guy is finally old enough to ride the mini crotch rocket his uncle got them a few years ago. He's been begging to ride it and now that he's been given the OK he's all over it. It's pretty funny to watch him turn the throttle just enough to get it moving and not tip over from his cautious approach. Of course Saturday afternoon found me drag racing my good friend across the street on his mini bike. I could barely squeeze onto that little thing, and it was nuts opening it up as fast as it would go from one end of the block to the other. Wish somebody would have filmed it because it was another lost opportunity to be famous on youtube LOL. So the lesson in that? Trying to explain to my older kid NOT to go fast on it when it was his chance to ride itlater that day (complete with mandatory helmet, long sleeves, gloves etc)NOTE I had none of that... I was cringing when I watched him go a bit fast. But dad you went fast and it was ok?! Don't do as I do... Letting go is HARD for me.
A good thing I did in the past payed off this evening. My younger guy won 2nd place in a fire safety coloring book cover art contest. He drew a picture of our family standing at a designated meeting place in the event of an emergency. We spent time a few years ago teaching them what to do in the event of an emergency, and he remembered, and illustrated it. He was recognized at tonights village meeting by the mayor, and recieved a savings bond, photo op, and a few other cool prizes.Next month the village fire department will be giving him a ride to school on the firetruck! So sometimes it's ok to do as I do, but more often than not its questionable....
The other thing I've got going on recently, is I've decided to strip my 5150 and redo the guitar body in a new color scheme GASP! It currently is half stripped in a garage reaking of citrus strip. I'm thinking either purple, or bare wood. The other option is burning the wood and clearcoating it. Either way, that's MAJOR guitar world news. It was time to close the 5150 bchapter and open a new one. I've got about 5 hours of free time this Saturday, and I'm REALLY hoping to take advantage of that and get a long ride in (mother son bowling :) ) Here's hoping the weather cooperates. :)

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