Saturday, March 28, 2009

wind, cold, sleet hmmm

I just finished riding 60 miles in the wind and later what became rain and sleet. As many of my midwest readers know LOL the temps were only in the upper 30's today. I'm beat, and about to eat everything I can find :) So the question remains, why the fcuk do we do stuff like this. I knew the weather was going to suck, and I knew it was going to beat me down, and it did. I found myself yelling at the wind with a few miles to go. Is it a coping mechanism, I'm really calm right now... Is it because were simply wired to ride? I was going to do this no matter what, and I'm glad I did it... Is it for the love of the sport? I was on a stretch of road that reminded me of the Arenberg forest, and I was thrilled to be there riding at that moment... Is it to fight off age? I often look around at others my age, and their "appearance" is motivation enough NOT to stop... I guess it's a bit of all these things, and some I forgot. Mostly it's for the simple love of the bike...

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