Sunday, March 15, 2009


Like many of you readers LOL We live for good weather ESPECIALLY on the weekends. That's why I'm so flippin' ticked off. Thursday one of the boys landed up sick, and Friday I felt a bit off, and landed up getting an a$$ kicking migraine in the morning which always throws a wrench in the rest of the day. I can thank recent (four letter word that begins with W) for that. Saturday morning came with sunshine, temps near 60 - weather that prompts miles on the bike, and YES that was the plan, but EVERY bone hurts, I'm wiped out, fever, the whole package. MISERABLE :( I was really hoping today I would have woken up feeling better but it's not to be. I may actually feel worse than yesterday, and that sucks. I'll be AMAZED if I can get it together to do anything, and it's such a shame because the day is going to be a beautiful one. Count your blessings with good health on days like today, and get outside!! I'l be thinking of you with a very slight bit of resentment, and loss of fitness LOL

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