Friday, March 6, 2009

the dream

I've had a dream that I seen myself and I was not wearing a medal I've come to become fond of for a number of reasons. It was the Madonna Del Ghisallo, and in the dream I realized what was missing. Strange, but believe it or not it helped me make a decision I've been preoccupied with lately. How cool is THAT?! Another thing worth talking about tonight. Every year I'm out on the bike on the first really nice day regardless of the day of the week if you get my drift. It's become a tradition, and I seem to like tradition, especially one as cool as this. All I can say is it's becoming evident the closer I have to dialing in my new bike that it is simply magical. I came BEAMING. The ride was straight out to Lemont for timberline road. I wasn't hammering but felt good and pushed a good stretch of miles. 40 miles temps near 70!, and a ride that is traditionally great!

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