Sunday, March 8, 2009

rain on the weekend? BOOOOOO!

Well even though this past 48 hours have been a wash - literally! At least I made some good use of my time by watching Contador kick euro a$$ on the opening time trial in Paris Nice. Very swwet to see him show the world that the texan is not the real deal HE (Alberto) is! As an added bonus, I even heard Fignon's name brought up in the commentators conversation. very nice... So the bad hing about being out on the roads recently is no desire to ride the rollers anymore. All it takes is that one great ride on a beautiful day, and I'm ready to store them. I'm sure with time change that the coming weeks will have an ever increasing opportunity to dance on thos e pedals out on the roads where the cycling gods prefer LOL The other cool thing we've done is hit one of my favorite local shops and set up the boys with a couple new rides. They're extremely thrilled, and I'm happy to see their excitement. I still and always will love the sport of BMX and its cool to see the interest continue in the next generation. Last but certainly not least I think I've got the ride finished and adjusted pretty good. The finishing touch was changing up the bar tape and dropping a cycle computer on it. Bikes done, the time has changed, and there is race coverage on that new thing we finally got called cable TV LOL Some of life is pretty good right now, it's that other area I need to work out, but why bring you down with some less than good conversation? Allez...

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