Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shifting gears (so to speak)

It's ironic, a few months ago I was going to sell one of my mountain bikes to help pay off some Aero wheels I bought.  I ultimately decided to keep the bike and see if I could possibly interest one of my boys to start riding it out in the trails with me on occasion. Regardless of the lure and comfort of recouping some recently spent $$$$, I'm GLAD I decided to hold onto it. He went for the virgin ride around his birtthday,  and we had fun. Imagine the excitement a dad can have when a teenager WANTS to do something with you :) So were in the process of getting him all dialed in as far as positioning goes, and the couple times he's been out with me so far he's enjoyed it. He's currently dealing with a running injury (right at the beginning of his cross country season, and that SUCKS! But like I told him, he's fortunate enough to have active parents that understand and can help him cross train to keep him in shape. I personally think he will return to X-Country stronger once his cycling muscles develop.
Here's where my focus has suddenly changed (again)
I'm now focused on helping Jr get some good aerobic cross training in, strengthen some additional muscle groups  in the legs, and having him possibly find a new found love for the sport of cycling. The quality father/son time is a BONUS.  Like I told him; my plans now revolve around the days he wants to ride (outside of the Wednesday running group I'm now leading) Funny, as time goes on, it's no longer "all about me", instead its all about giving back to other aspiring athletes, and apparently that's a GOOD thing! At least it feels that way in my book...

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