Monday, August 23, 2010

Dreams a window into your mind or reality?

I've had some messed up dreams lately. One of them involves work. I find myself in a dark scary world. industrial mmachines, grayness,  smoke filled skies. Kinda Mad Maxish/Terminator movie setting. I'm trying to get away, but I can't.. I find myself cowering from the evil machines or whatever they were in the dream. SCARY stuff. I spend the dream running and cowering always on the brink of being trapped and or caught. Not a fun dream or better yet nightmare to wake up from. The most recent one was Friday or Saturday. I'm in my garage and there is a bike race starting down the alley or next block(I forget). I was within walking distance from the race but I missed the start, I remember trying to get to the start, but couldn't do it. I was actually flying in this dream. Don't know if you've ever experienced it but you wave your arms up and down and you lift off. The problem was I couldn't fly to the location to get in the race and no matter where I was floating to, my participation in the race was not meant to be, and I never made it in.I actually had a mountain bike race yesterday in the trail system 10 miles from our house. A great event by the way. There's no doubt both of these dreams are a window into my perceptiveness on what I'm going thru with both work and Sundays race/sport. The race was great yet bittersweet, but we will stick to one topic at a time to keep you all coming back for more...Look for a race report within the next day or so when I can get the pictures on line (for some fun eyecandy). I also need to get my Jon Anderson YES and Stone Temple Pilots photos up for another great post. Come on back now, ya hear ;)

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