Thursday, August 19, 2010

both of em want to get dirty with me

Continuing on with my "It's not about me" theme, not only does "boy#1" want to ride with me, but "boy#2" does, and has, as well. The younger one and I were out early Sunday morning, and it was pretty cool to watch him stand and dance on the pedals on the climbs we encountered. He looked at me and said he knows how to climb by doing what he seen the pros do on "The Tourmalet". Hows that for Eurotrash wannabe cool?! Like I told both of them at one time or another, they can't go wrong getting into cycling based on my lifelong "healthy obsession" with the sport, and they will have it made if their inseam matches mine.LOL At any rate, I'm enjoying the time out with them, regardless of the fact that my training (intensity) has now become "laid back" for lack of a better term. Rides with the boys are obviously shorter and less technical and intense, BUT having them out riding with me (and cross training "boy#1" during his injury) is WAY more important to me at this point. Now it's time to convince them that lycra IS better than those gym shorts. Baby steps....


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