Tuesday, August 31, 2010

fate or just that stupid new mouse? Ride on...

"Ride on" - probably the best song AC/DC ever wrote WAY BACK when they started...Anyway, yesterday I finally came clean and spilled my thoughts about last weeks Palos Meltdown mountain bike race and a number of other things. Sentence after sentence, thought after thought, word after word. I've had a lot of mixed feelings this summer and as of late they've been bubbling up, and over. At the time I was typing (on this new laptop) and I was getting it all out, something happened. A part of my hand must have made contact with these touchpads that act as mice nowadays, and ALL the text disappeared from the screen except the words "ride on" and then blogger autosaved. Everything I spilled out on electronic paper for all my fans to read and discuss around the countless watercoolers, coffee shops and  street corners- GONE....So what does that tell me? I still don't know. One thing I can tell you is aside from being pissed off at the time, I'm wondering if it was a sign from God, the Universe, Chuck Norris?? LOL to move on, reflect privately, learn from this past year, and keep moving forward with out looking back? A few things happened to me very recently. Things/signs/occurences./situations etc that made me take notice. Things that make me want to say "I've been heard" It's been dark, at times real dark. Over the last 48 hours I'm kinda amazed. I'm going to recap the race a bit later, but this "occurence" or series of them, has taken a bit of a priority as far as my reflection and frame of mind go. I've got to let it all sink in, and look at the road map....It's that, or these laptops SUCK ;)
"Ride On"...

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