Saturday, August 7, 2010

Olympic course? SERIOUSLY??

Well here we go. I've been looking forward to this all year. A GranFondo... If your a EuroTrashWannabe like me, and you heard one was going to be in the states you'd be as excited as a kid in a candy shop like I am. 100 miles on some VERY challenging roads. If you take the time to read the story in the link I included, you will see that it's on the same roads that were to be used in Chicago's failed Olympic bid. I talked to someone who rode in the area, and her comment was she wanted to cry after being on those hills. So then the little voice in my head starts to get the better of me and I start to psyche myself out - AGAIN... I could/could have been a champion if I could successfully get that voice to SHUT the FCUK up (I think) As a bonus, TREK(since they are a sponsor and we will be in Wisconsin). is opening their usually closed to the public new line up expo to participants and their families, and their is also an expo put on by Centurion. So it will be a cycling filled weekend for sure. I haven't done a century in years, but I've been getting in some 50 to 70 mile rides over the last couple months, and I've been hitting the local hills as often as I can. On one hand I can't wait for the experience, and unfortunately on the other hand I'm a bit freaked at the distance, terrain and the fact that that  voice in my head is telling me I'm not prepared. The interesting thing? That voice never once has told me I am ready. The AC in the car has been recharged, and I put together 2 mix CDS of some good tunage -that and I've got my Rock Racing -CYCLING ROCKS Tshirt out. It's gonna be fun - regardless of what the voice says. Maybe I should have picked up a rear cog better suited for climbing, and switched to climbing specific wheels instead of my new Aero HEDS. OMG time to panic (again ) LOL

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