Sunday, June 13, 2010

what the heck i've been up to

Time to catch up on my life via the thousands of requests from my millions of followers ;)
It's been mostly a month of vacation. The cool thing is I've been away from work for most of the month. The bad thing is I go back tomorrow and the feelings I have must equate to those felt by the clinically depressed. I guess that means I did a lot of fun stuff :) Some of the highlights
  • Long memorial day weekend up in Lake Geneva Wisconsin, brought the road bike and got some good hilly training time around the lake. Family had lots of fun as well.
  • Went to Cabo San Lucas for 4 days. One of the highlights was renewing our wedding vows. The trip was brought about to celebrate our 20th anniversary. Hot temps, too much food, and a visit (or 2) to the holy grounds aka The Cabo Wabo cantina.
  • Was given 10 tickets to a Chicago Fire soccer game and had fun. It was(GASP) on the night of the Blackhawks victory bringing home the stanley cup, I went because one of the boys just ended the soccer season(I was one of the coaches) by making it to the championship game. We lost, and I was in Mexico at the time. So this was to celebrate their great season, and payback for missing it! I think we celebrated the Hawks victory more so than if we watched it on TV. The drive home was right after the game, and we managed to see all the fans pour out on the streets cheering as we blared the horn ALL THE WAY home. Fun stuff.
  • Finally got word out that I'm starting a parish running group. I've kept saying I wanted to do it, and now we make it happen. Ad goes in the upcoming bulletins.
  • Turned my gal on to her 1st track workout EVER. (running) Yes they hurt like hell, but YES they do make you faster. Of couse it was at noon on the hottest day of the week. LOL
  • I got in a 50 miler on the new wheels yesterday morning. They ride REAL nice. I did find myself in Lemont with temps going from humid and mid 80s early in the morning to instant black skies plumeting temps, WICKED winds, and pouring rain. Not the best conditions for 60mm aero wheels, but a charachter building ride nonetheless.
  • Fun neighborhood party last night.
Now why the hell am I feeling so down?! Must be the fact that I have to be all grown up again tomorrow and face the perils of the evil "W word"

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