Tuesday, June 29, 2010

1 Hour (and you can't have it all)

Ever since I got serious about riding and became familiar with the local roads, I've been doing a time trial test on a 20 mile loop. It's hilly, and a great route for gauging where I'm at. Since the 90s (when I rode a LOT) I always set the benchmark at 1 hour. If I can break 1 hour I considered myself in reasonably good shape. Funny, you never WANT to go out and do it, but Friday morning prior to a long weekend away, I decided to jump into the paincave and see how I would do. Turns out I clocked in at 58 minutes and some change! Strange but I haven't had a lot of much needed self confidence this year, but a ride like this sure helps.

 The downside is I wen't out for a long run Saturday morning with my brother (who is training for a marathon) and he clearly smoked me the entire time. In years past I always outran him- every race, but 2 years of intervals and 2 seasons of marathon training has clearly made him superior to me on foot. I hardly run and right now it shows.- this coming from someone who recenty started a local running group LOL. At least my SIDI's look much cooler than his Nike's...

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