Friday, June 18, 2010


I love the hills, and am in awe of mountain roads. I often daydream how epic it would be to find myself in places like Colorado or better yet on one of the countless famed European climbs. What I don't like is the climb back into a training routine after being out of it for a few weeks. YES vacation was a great time, but the amount of time riding and running shows. TOO MUCH comfort food lately hasn't helped any either.I miss that "sharp" feeling you get when your legs have that snap, and you've been in a good routine for a number of weeks. If there is a theme this year it is the fact that I have not been able to get into a consistent,stable routine. YES I've been riding, and to a lesser extent running, but it has not been with the consistency, determination, and precision as I had hoped. The consolation is it's not even the first day of summer, and I've got more miles in my legs than last year :) I wonder why I feel so out of it then?!I don't feel "driven" I'm still hoping to at least get a timetrial (or 2) in this season, and I'd like to get at least 3 mountain bike races in. I'm signed up and look forward to the Palos meltdown in August, and Chequamegon's fat tire festival in September, and as far as the road, I'm REAL excited to see that there are about 50 days until the Madison Wisconsin GranFondo. That's as close as I'm going to get to group road racing, and the event looks to be a great ride.Maybe it's the fantasy of riding a long tour stage on some great challenging roads that makes it so appealing. Much more so than 30 minutes plus X laps in a industrial park with the threat of burning the lycra being more so than a remote possibility. That's what seems to be the case in too much of my reading and  I never liked crits anyway, they aren't in my future. It's a shame the racing scene doesn't offer much more than that. So my racing schedule doesn't show to be full of races, but due to my schedule, and what I want to do, it fits me just fine. You have to keep it interesting for YOU to make it work right? Now to once again get myself back on track (maybe mentally?)...

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