Tuesday, June 22, 2010

dirty news

Out near the trails I frequent they opened a new bike shop.http://www.2bici.com/ named 2 Bici bicycle shop. I stopped in to say hi and introduce myself to the guys. This is the 2nd time a shop opened in that space, but maybe these guys can "ride it out", so to speak :). The shop guys recognized me from the trails and a kit I was wearing. So we talked it up for a while, and off I went. The trails are getting close to ridable, but the recent rains have kept everybody off them. I found a good stretch on some high grounds and did what I could to ride dirty but it wasn't much. I need to, and want to, get myself out there regularly so I can really get myself dialed in with my position on this relatively new bike. I've decided to keep the new full suspension Specialized Stumpjumper instead of going back to the Rockhopper Pro. I was going to sell the full suspension to cover the cost of some wheels I recently bought, but instead decided to give it to one of the boys (kind of) He can ride it comfortably with the seat a bit low and a short stem on it. So he will be able to ride a really nice first mountain bike anytime we go out on the trails. It will stay in the coral the rest of the time because I don't want him trashing it under normal everday use like a typical teenager would. He hasn't caught on to the respect and care one needs to give to a bicycle (yet). He dug it and rode well the first time we went out together a few weeks ago too.He's a very talented cross country runner and knowing how well cycling can compliment running from a cross training perspective, and the fact that I may have found a GREAT way to bond as he gets older, I'm sure everyone wins, and paying off the wheels is secondary in importance compared to what the 2 of us can gain from riding (together) nice...So while I'm waiting for the trails to get a bit more dry and ridable I will dial in the cleats on some new shoes and get the bar height,  seat height, set back shock pressures etc etc just right with some rides on the road and multitrack if ridable. The one thing that sucks is the fact that there is tooooo many things to dial in for that perfect ride when you find yourself on a rather complicated full suspension mountain bike. Sometimes simple is best, but I'll take the time to benefit from the technology of today by being patient and working on all the necessary adjustments. UGH...
I want to be in good shape for the Palos meltdown in August, and hopefully get better results than the Sylvan island race I did back in April. This one is close to home and special considering I have been riding those trails forever.
As far as the running scene goes, I put an advertisement in the churches bulletin advertising a weekly Wednesday night run that starts in the schools parking lot. Over themonths/years I've seen a good number of people I know running thru the village and figured the Mob Rules! (obvious reference to a great Black Sabbath song and album)and I figured lets run together. I figure all it takes is a small amount of organization, and getting the word out there. I now have a night dedicated to running with my long time personal manager LOL, and can make it interesting by bringing some friends and aquaintances together as well. Maybe even be a positive inspiration to someone who's "sitting on the fence" to get back out there and get in shape. It's not like we all don't NEED to do that in one form or another for SO MANY different reasons. Let's see how this goes (in the long run) - a reference to an Eagles song ;)

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