Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Heaven Knows...

A GREAT tune by the legendary Robert Plant. I respect his work with Led Zeppelin, but am all about his solo career. One word- AMAZING. So yesterday evening I decided to cancel my doctors visit. I'm not ready to discuss medicines. I know there are drawbacks on both sides of the fence, but I'm not ready to choose what side of he fence I want to be on, or MAYBE I did by cancelling the visit. I instead decided to stay a bit longer during the outing my boss had at the Taste of Chicago. Good time... I enjoyed the Goat and Plantains the most of all things I sampled. The weather was picture perfect and the company was good. "The Taste" has live bands each night, and on stage were Los Lonely Boys, and a bit later was Los Lobos. I went and caught some of the Los Lonely Boys . I managed to move up in the crowd to a good spot, and had fun. I called over to the house to rub it in that I was at a concert I wasn't planning on attending particularly because my "Long Time Personal Manager" digs this band. The joke would be on me shortly after. I decided to leave instead of staying for Los Lobos, so I could get home considering I'd been at work since about 6AM. On my way home I get a text from my boss saying Robert Plant is on stage. I ttotally thought she was fcking with me, SHE WASN'T... I MISSED seeing Robert Plant!!!!!!!!! albeit for only one song, but the fact I was there shortly before he was, and the fact I missed it completly sucked LOL At any rate at least it makes for a good story, and hopefully ALL YOU READERS got a good laugh today.  In hind sight his he covers a Los Lobos song on his latest album (that comes out in September) so there you have it.

I proceeded to go home and pull out the guitar for a bit of a Led Zep medley Heart Breaker and Nobodys Fault But Mine were the songs of the day.

Tonight is round 2 for the group run I've recently organized and promoted in the church bulletin. We're hoping to get a growing number of runners that come out for this. Last week was the kick off run but 10 minutes before the start, green/black storm clouds and sirens promply put an end to that. Today I see nothing but sunshine and temps in the mid 70s.

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