Friday, May 7, 2010

Just DO IT

Well tommorow is the Quarryman. I haven't been running much lately and I had signed up to do the 10 miler. I can run 10 miles. no problem... BUT this is a brutally hilly run, and with little training I run the risk of injury. There is a 5k option, and since I am not really focused on running, I have been thinking it's the smarter decision to do the shorter race. The thing is, every so often the competive voice pops up in my head like that devil in Animal house telling me to "DO IT" fcuk the minimal training time and flex my competitive muscle. Show em once again that I can show up with little training and get to the finish. Not sure how this is going to play out. I guess I will see what voice prevails in the AM
Work has been UNBELIEVABLY STRESSFULLLLLLLL lately. So much that my head is spinning.Yesterday was a rough one with 2 back to back hi profile project meetings including multiple corporate soulless parties that simply rob me of minutes on my life. I tried to fight it but landed up bringing it home. I finally bounced back when the youth soccer team I help coach won yet another and their final game of the season. Getting outside of myself helps, and boy#2 saved the day. Well its Friday (I'm in Love ;) ) and upon waking up and checking email, found out I was one of the chosen presalers to get hold of Roger Waters The Wall concert tickets for a September show. It's crazy, the cost of the tickets was the same as a refund I just recieved back from the Telemark lodge which just closed its doors. Telemark WAS the host lodge for Septembers fat tire festival in Hayward Wi. I'm lookin forward to that one.
 So Knowing Roger Waters and seeing the Radio KAOS tour back in 87 (and a few other times), I know this ones going to be EPIC, come on... it's Pink!

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