Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's great how God listens

I rode last night. It was a good ride, and I decided to take some me time and extend it to a 2 plus hour ride. I felt good. I covered the hills thru Bluff road nicely. I was faced with a killer headwind going out there, but it didn't matter. When I got back home I felt good. I wasn't wiped out. I wasn't feeling any ill effects that have reared themselves lately. I understand that to mean riding wasn't causing a recent concern. I felt good as the nightr went on. Again I equate this to riding not being the issue. While I was riding I decided to regroup during the month of May and simply get riding time in. I'l go from there... No pressures, just ride for the love of the bike. Then later in the evening comes an email from the coach of the team I'm on. It's about a  memorial ride on May 22nd in honor of a cyclist who died back in '99. '99 is when I was full swing into racing and probably had my best year. Crazy, a memorial ride for a cyclist on the team I'm on who past away when I raced (in a previous life...) I've had concerns being on the team I'm on, mostly my own shortcomings, and now I have this opportunity to do an epic ride at the end of May with teammates that I have not really felt a part of. It's strange how things happen, it seems like this is an answer to address a number of things swirling in my head, to do something for a rider who no doubt loved the sport, a rider who raced when I was a racer, to be a part of the team that I don't feel part of. All at a time when I decided to spend the month of May simply riding and going from there. It's like I've been heard from above... A small step out of the valley? That's how it seems. I think I'm going to really make an effort to do this. It seems like the right thing to do.

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