Thursday, February 18, 2010

wise or old? I'm goin with wise

I'm looking at this as a sign of wisdom as opposed to the wisdom that comes with age. I rode a hard workout on Tuesday. Wednesday I was going to do an 8 mile run on a trail system that was on the way home. I found myself running the 2 mile section that links in a 4 mile loop. It was snow covered and wet snow at that. I decided at the 2 mile mark to not include the loop. My legs felt like wood going out, and the snow was hard to get thru. MAYBE when I was younger I would have pushed on, but yesterday I turned back and made it a 4 mile run. I told myself I am focusing on cycling more so than running this year, and there is no NEED to do an 8 mile tough run on a February Wednesday late afternoon. For the record I was beat when I got back, and am taking today off. I slept poorly, and have had a headache today thats kickin my a$$.  I guess if I'm completely honest with myself, (which doesn't ALWAYS happen) it may indeed be my slightly older bodies way of telling me it needs more recovery time. so be it. Wiser not older...

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  1. Wiser definitely. Taking car of the body will help stay it stay young!