Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mitchell is cool

As many of you readers know LOL, I had thought my car was going to be in the junkyard, and I would be RELUCTANTLY forced to have a new car payment . What happened is nothing short of a blessing. My neighbor Mike rebuilds hotrods, and he said he would look at it. Not only did he look at it, but comparison shopped for the best price on parts, and did the work. Last night I drove out of his garage with the Saturn running better than it probably has in YEARS. I'm amazed and grateful for his kindness. Yes I'm sure he enjoyed working on it (because it's one of his hobbies) but I can't think of any other person that would have done what he did for me. I'm grateful to have him as a friend. So 2 grand is much better than a car payment, I'm mobile again, and I don't have a new car payment which = money for cycling gear etc.
Thanks Mike, you ROCK!

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