Tuesday, February 16, 2010

mixed feelings and the JAVA mainline...

In one respect, I'm a bit excited that I'm moving into a new phase of my winter training, but the downside is new (harder) workouts have begun and with the increase in intensity comes the burn, breathlessness, and focus necessary to complete certain workouts as planned. It's funny, I always feel out of shape when upping the intensity, but I guess realistically, EVERYBODY HURTS (yeah that was an obvious reference to REM) when riding/running hard... The other interesing thing to note is I was on the fence as to what to give up for lent. It was down to
Meat, Coffee, Fried foods, and maybe even facebook.
 Wasn't sure until earlier today when I made the mistake of having a second cup of coffee (this time from SBUX) on my way into an 8 hour class. I may as well swallowed a handful of amphetamines,or did a line of finely ground coffee I was literally jumping out of my skin! SOOO, it's funny how the answers come to me. Looks like the unbelievable task of giving up Java is about to begin. I'm sure (for a wide variety of reasons) that this is probably the best thing I can do right now...

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