Monday, February 15, 2010

I guess it's kinda like riding a bike...

As most of you, I have been in "official" training mode in one form or another since January rolled around. Being on a team this year has brought me to the point of really trying to organize and document my weekly/monthly plans (like I did when I raced back in the 90's), but I've had a problem getting it all down on paper as I did so well my first time around. So (GASP) I've been riding and cross training as I mentally seen fit for this time of year without having it all mapped out ahead of time. This hasn't sat well with me, so I've decided to take advantage of being in a class for work and using the down time (lunch/breaks etc) to get it all ironed out and put down on paper. The thing that I appreciated after I began this process is what I was doing for these first 6 weeks of the year has closely mirrored what my training bible suggests. So I guess (to a point) training is like riding a bicycle, and you never really forget. I think it helped that origonally (read 1990s)I was so methodically organized in my planning. A lot of it in this part of the training year is second nature. SO some of the pressure is off. :) Not that I'm not going to follow thru and write it all out, because I enjoy going back to my old journals to see how things progressed each year.


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