Monday, February 22, 2010

retrospective riding 101

Maybe posting will get me back to sleep LOL (kind of)
I was fortunate enough to get some outdoor miles last week because of a nice (read early) training class schedule. So Friday I found myself out mid afternoon on the roads I have frequented all these years. It struck me as odd that I started to reminisce how 87th street was one lane each direction with a barrier shoulder as opposed to the 4 lane road it is now. Then there's the entire community that exists now complete with village hall and block after block after block of multilevel townhomes in what was once open area in Willow Springs. I never see anybody in that whole expanse of a "new village" though. All this while making sure I could get back home in time to pick up my younger little person, who it seemed like yesterday would hold my hand while walking down the street, and now (unfortunate for me anyway) would think I was crazy if I suggested it. All this while wrapping up the final mile of the days route and passing the expanse of a highshool I've wrapped up my ride a thousand times past. A highschool that my older little person was sitting in for the tail end of his school day. CRAZY... Yes, time moves on, and people places and things, change. All except the memories....


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