Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Runners High

Sunday was the first race of the season. The Southwest Half Marathon in Palos, and the results are in.
I was hoping to hit 1:45 or better.
Official time 1:43:44 :) That's a 7:56 pace.
Top 30 in my age group (by one ;) ) and 220th overall.
 I'd like to thank my brother for pulling me around by my hair in the pain cave during a forest preserve run late winter. I put myself back in that HR zone on a number of occasions during the race to  try and hit 1:45. I was at 1:20:03 at mile 10, and decided to move back into that zone and focus for a "3 mile run". It went well, and I'm happy with my results.Considering I have spent a majority of the time avaialble on the bike and not so much time running..
 I  used my new ZOOT recovery compression tights for the first time after a long race and bottom line, they work. I was not sore at all in the evening and the following day (yesterday), I actually went out for a recovery ride on the mountain bike for about an hour and a half. Wouldn't of done that previously. Money well spent :)
during the race I seen a long time friend "Johnny B"at the turn around and he finished well as expected, I beat everyone else I know who was there. YES I am out to beat everyone I know, its competition right? It is Duh, Winning!  Next comes the Quarryman challenge on Saturday. 10 miles of ridiculous hills That one is gonna be fun?!

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