Thursday, May 26, 2011

A WINNING, Duh! soccer season

WE DID IT! The soccer team I co-coached this spring has gone the season undefeated, and won the championship game. We literally has a storybook season that both coaches and players dream about. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! My younger guy is on the team and I'm not saying this as a parent, more as an observer, he is phenomenal. He's found his God given talent and it was a thrill and pleasure to coach his team, and watch him play. Time sacrificed for my kids has always been worth it, TOTALLY...As time passes and they grow older, I find it  becomes a challenge to be actively involved with my kids, they, like all of us did, eventually begin to need their space and the coolness factor of me being around diminishes regardless of how much they love you. So I'm always looking for ways to continue to be a part of my kids lives, and it may become more challenging but I will always be looking for my in.  They will appreciate it later in life, or at least I've come to when I think back of what my parents did as I was growing up.
I wrapped up the experience by going to see another  phenomenal (at the World Cup level) team play our local soccer team  It was Manchester United against the Chicago Fire. What an exciting experience. I managed to score us 3rd row center seats,and we walked out of there with all the Manchester merchandise we could get our hands on LOL. A perfect ending to a perfect 2011 soccer experience. So heres to my son who can "Bend it Like Baniewicz" , and a great fatherhood memory.

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