Tuesday, May 31, 2011

10ks and stuff

I did my 1st 10k yesterday. Funny I've done EVERY other distance a number of times but the 10k never interested me. 5K you almost red line the whole event, a marathon you run forever at a more relaxed pace, but the 10k is different. You can't go all out like a 5k, you need to learn the art of backing off ever so slightly from the 5k pace to do well. I've been out running a few times with some neighborhood runners, and managed to beat them in the last 2 longer distance events, but I was getting tired of the competition that was created. I was not liking the idea that every race I see them at will be a cat and mouse game, so during the 10k I let them stay ahead by a close distance and did not chase them down. I simply wanted to run my own race and was not interested in racing them. I seen them in the finish area and knew they came in right in front of me. Chasing them down and nabbing them at the end of the race would have been throwing down the gauntlet for the rest of the year and kind of bogus. PLUS I really think they brought their "A game" to do what it took to beat me... All in good competition :)
So here I am with a break in training which starts for the Chicago marathon beginning the 2nd week of June.
Beverly Ridge Run Memorial day 10k 2011 unofficial time 48:07

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