Saturday, May 14, 2011

So far so good so what!?

Well I've made it thru the 2 weekends of long running events relatively unscathed. The left heel was tender at the end of the hilly 10 miler, but an 8 mile trail run Thursday was fine. The interesting thing I've noticed is I do pretty well on climbs, but lose time running downhills. I guess it would be rougher the other way but never the less I need to work on that. Today I got a good 2+ hours on the mountain bike this morning out near swallow cliff. Did the whole loop in the big ring and then continued on with extra miles. Gotta tell you, the zoot compression wear is showing to be really nice to have. Recovery is simply quicker after wearing them :) The last thing to drop on all of you is my times for these last 2 events are minutes faster than the last time I did them :) 6 minutes better on the 1/2 marathon, and 3 minutes better on the crazy hilly Quarryman challenge 10 miler. So yeah, the training mix of riding and running is going ok. Soccer playoffs are in full swing with my team undefeated and it wraps up first week of June. After that it's vacation time then I begin to train for the Chicago marathon. Good stuff.

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