Friday, April 29, 2011

Run Like Hell

This weekend starts the road to Chicago 2011. I'm running the Palos 1/2 marathon on Sunday, and am looking forward to a very nearby race and the opportunity to add 13.1 miles to the running bank. I've been spending more time on the bike than actually running, but have been smart enough to get in a few 8 to 10 milers over the last couple of months, and the weekly 3 mile runs have begun to include fartlek sessions in preparation for the harder efforts and eventual track workouts. I don't anticipate a fast race, but am confident that the recent weekly 3 hour rides are good for the endurance part of the race. Might not be the best training method to prepare for a half marathon, but I'm thinking more long term - October. Next weekend I'm doing a very HILLY 10 mile race in Lemont, The Quarryman Challenge . This one's got me a bit more concerned, because it is the hilliest race in the Chicago land area, and I have not been running hills. Although, I have been riding the hills of Lemont a number of times this spring, (anyone see a pattern?!), and again, I won't be PRing or anything like that, but am thinking long term - October. So hurRAY for spring, and away we go.
 RUN Like Hell!

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