Monday, January 18, 2010

Retro riding and the loss of a car

I was kidding with my riding buddy Mike while out on the roads Sunday. I laughingly mentioned the sun would come up and the temps would rise as we rode up to our doorsteps after the ride. Guess what, Amy Freeze should be worried about her job. Sure enough temps and sun were up upon returning home :) I was hesitant to reach out to anybody for yesterdays ride, didn't want to be part of a hammer fest in January. I hooked up with someone and made sure I would keep it in check by riding a single speed frankenbike for the ride. Nothing like 3 hours on a 367 pound steel rig complete with 36 spoke heavy wheels. To top it off I had platform pedals, and rode with running shoes.I'd of been welcomed by the messengers and cursed by the snobs LOL. THAT was a quality ride, and will no doubt go a long way toward my early season build up. Merckx would be proud. Mission accomplished...
Saturday was the return to Saturday morning Yoga class. I love the class, this time with my long time personal manager (which made it even cooler) and for the first time there are more guys than just myself in the class. I've always looked at yoga class the same way I do about walking into Victoria's Secret, yes it's a chick activity, but if you can get past that, it's AWESOME! Needless to say, I easily got past it a long time ago.:)
 The bad news? Yesterday afternoon what I was very optomistic about turned into a total bust. I really thought the repair to my car would have worked out, but was told by my buddy/neighbor that looked at it, that it was pretty much a loss unless I wanted to replace the engine. So now it's official. No car for me, and were down to one car. SUCKS, but I'm willing to go without as long as possible. I don't mind walking to/from the train (1 mile each way), and noticed I've spent less money because I'm not out and about nearly as much. Anyone want to buy a 2001 Saturn with brand frickin new tires on it (Engine work needed). The one thing I am telling myself is that I'd rather have this setback then something go wrongthat really matters. I'm sure that this pitfall will balance itself out with a blessing in another part of my life....

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