Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nailed 2 the Road

Not that this should come as a surprise, more along the lines of a reminder. I'm Euro trash. I have Roadie blood. Always have, always will. I was reminded of that Monday night while I was trying to organize posters into frames for hanging down stairs in the Aerobic Dungeon. Now granted I love the trails and am going to get back into racing this year by spending my racing hours in the dirt. I grew up living on a BMX bike with Stu Thomson, RL Osborn, Harry Leary, Bob Haro, Mike Buff, Perry Kramer etc. I still think BMX is unbelievably cool! But there is magic in the road... While I was organizing the posters I was somewhat unconciously drawn to the Rominger, Indurain, Phinney, Boardman, Merckx and even young Armstrong posters much more so than even the autographed Overend, Wiens and Balantyne posters. It reminded me that although I do love the dirt, and really look forward to racing off road on what will be a new full suspension bike in the spring, I'm NAILED 2 the ROAD, and always will be....

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