Friday, January 29, 2010

The pain CAVE baby...

I love that phrase and have to admit to ripping it off from somebody else...   I'm refering to the basement along with the rollers that might be as old as you LOL, Windtrainer, a treadmill, and even a completely refurbished (by me) Nordic Trac. So I've added posters to the wall... Let's see there's the one of Lemond holding his son after beating the most reverent FIGNON, by 8 seconds. Moment of silence please.............................................. It's there for the symbolism of a dad who loves his kids and is also a bike racer. NOT that I forgive Lemond for beating Fignon.
I've got the prerequisite Colnago  posters with Rominger breaking the Hour record with our most holy Ernesto track side, A nice Davis Phinney Serotta ad from 1991(autographed of course) by almost the whole Coors Light 'team, I've got My Team Specialized poster (no doubt complete with Ned Overend's sig). I even have the one and only Eddy Merckx (YES with his autograph) respectfully displayed in all it's glory and given to me by my long time cycling confidante Otto from Otto'sCyclery :)
There is a Chicago marathon poster with my Boston Marathon entry for running inspiration.To top it off a nice Mark Allen(and Dave Scott) autographed poster for inspiration in all things aerobic... There's a VCR I just rehooked up for the nice collection of races from when the greatest riders of all time rode in back in the 90's. Ballerini and Musseuw dominating Paris Roubaix, and a health dose of Indurain's DOMINATION. Lastly, theres the Steve Vai fan to cool us off, and provide the rock star look if needed. You know why I have all this?? Because its the frickin' Pain CAVE BABY!, and ya gottta have something to occupy your mind when riding, running or WHATEVER for hours at a time.

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