Wednesday, December 23, 2009

WHAT I've been up to outside of 2 wheels and running shoes

I tend to focus strictly on the workouts and cycling so I thought I would change the channel. A couple weeks ago I turned the key in my cars ignition and it wouldn't start. Battery OK? yep. Mind you I just dropped about 500 dollars on new tires a couple weeks prior... So I had it towed to Saturn thinking a starter? Was a bit ticked because I didn't want to spend another couple hundred dollars right before the holiday. Got a call back from them telling me the timing chain needs to be replaced and possibly a cylinder head. They also told me they cant do the repair because they are closing their doors so it needs to be towed to a GM dealer. To top it off he mentioned the job would run 3 to 4 THOUSAND dollars. For a 2001 Saturn? FCUK THAT! So I am instantly without a car. My "long time personal manager" LOL has a reliable (new) car so it's OK for her. The day it happened the weather changed from mild to WINTER - Perfect timing to begin my daily 1 mile walk to the train. I don't mind the walk and it keeps me "adapted" to working out outdoors in the winter. LOL Not sure what to do but the car is in the driveway, and the roof rack has officially been removed. DOESN'T fit on her car. BOOOO!  On the plus side? No parking or gas expenses for the time being... I REALLY don't like situations that cut into my cycling money, considering the sports cost.

I went to confession for the first time in a few years Monday night. It was spiritually fulfilling to say the least. When I was young we had traditional private confessionals, now it's face to face. Nevertheless I'm GLAD I went. God we're all good? THANKS!!!!

So I've always been anti digital music because I feared it would lead to the demise of the local record store (and vinyl). Low and behold Record stores have become a rarity and the quality of high quality recordings played back on a good stereo system, have been replaced with instant gratification via downloads and played thru computers and ipods. That is FCUKED UP! The kids nowadays can't relate to a room with dim lights, good acoustics and the act of sitting in the sweet spot to enjoy an album (or CD). Luckily I've got a pretty decent setup for CDs, and the room I listen in still allows me to close my eyes and picture the band in front of me. Lets see you do that with yer PC... (I think that idiot from the monkees who invented MTV is ultimately at fault). Do yourself a favor when you see a stero hifi shop. Go in and ask them to demo something on their stero equipment. You will be blown away.Remember the memorex ads from years ago with the dude sitting in the chair getting blown away by some good quality stero equipment? Thats me LOL I still take my kids to a record store once a year to share the experience. But a couple days ago I borrowed my gals ipod and listened to it on the train, and during lunch while walking around downtown. I understand the lure of portable music but it shouldn't be at the expense of music as it SHOULD be enjoyed.

I built a guitar a number of years ago and it is in its 3rd version as fars as finishes go. I origonally made an Eddie Van Halen replica which was awesome, but the paint used caused some finish issues a couple years later and I decided to redo it. Then it was BRIEFLY purple(Prince inspired?) but the sanding job left the grain work looking bad. I did stain it a chocolate brown with the grain work blackened and it looked good, but a lack of adequate amounts of clear coats led to premature chipping. SO now I've begun sanding it down, and it looks battle worn almost in a cool way, but I'm going to redo it yey again. NO I do not have OCD I just want perfection LOL I'm thinking of painting it with Glow in the Dark paint. That would be cool. That, or redo the EVH Frankenstrat scheme considering Eddie is the guitar god. As a picture of Sammy with my shirt clearly illustrates

So that's whats been up outside of cycling, but as far as the riding goes, I got an indirect message from a guy I rode with last spring on what was one of the coldest days of winter and he reached out to do some more stuff this year. MAN, it was tough, make that impossible, last year to hook up with those guys (BBVP) but I'd love to get in with them this year. The few times I've talked to them they proved to be really nice guys and it would be such a GOOD thing for me to do. I'm REALLY hoping to get in with them this coming year...

SOOO in case I don't post something on Christmas Eve or day, I would like to wish all my long time followers and readers of this blog a very MERRY Christmas!


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