Monday, December 14, 2009

a legitimate reason to not like cars

I have a 2000 Saturn, and a few weeks ago I reluctantly dropped about $500 into new tires. They were needed, and regardless of the fact that 500 could buy some good stuff for the bike like riding gear, or a pair of preemo shoes LOL I bought them. I say reluctantly because with the car paid off I did not want to start paying for big ticket repairs etc. The tires were woth it because on a trip out to McHenry recently I noticed how damn good it drives with those new tires. So Wednesday morning I went to go to the train station and I couldn't start it. THEN the frigid winter weather moved in. So I had the car towed to the soon to be no more saturn dealer to look at and repair. I figured I'd also get an oilchange and filter and tune up before they folded. This way I'd be all set for a while. What I was thinking was a couple hundred dollar repair, more money better used on some needed cycling gear.  So I get a call saying the engine needs major repair, timing chain etc, and they can't fix it because they are closing shop and its a BIG job. So now I have to get the car towed home, and I officially have no car, a situation that is no doubt going to cut into my cycling budget and then some.
stupid car....

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