Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Here we go again?

Hey its a new decade, so lets do this thing... I stopped racing when my boys were of age to need/want me around. Well years have passed, and over the last coupe 3 of them I've been building up my form thru riding and running. I'm at a point that on paper it looks like I can jump back in. I raced off road at the end of last season and it brought back the desire to hurt again in a BIG way.  I've always wished to return, and I've always kept fit in the hopes that one  day... So I had a sit down with my long time personal manager LOL , and the boys, and we talked about the pros and cons. The con was interesting and it came from JR. He said "Dad, you will always be tired". FUNNY but very true he knows the plight of the endurance athlete well. The rest were PROS. So not to slight the "LTPM" (for the millions of followers I have, I'm talking about my lovely wife), her and I sat down and calendared all the running races she wants to do, as well as the races I'm looking to do. I wanted to see if the schedules would allow me to ride, and also run with her. I didn't want to blow off the opportunity to help her train for the longer races she wants to do. I also really enjoy the "us time" we spend while running. I know she does too, and I WON'T pass that up. On paper it ALL looks good, so now it's time to see if a team is an option. I've been asked to go to one teams meeting next week, and I'll more than likely go to see what they are about. I'm pretty excited. I've got a family behind me, and 2 plus years of building fitness to do it. It looks like it's going to happen. Without a doubt if the family didn't like the idea or if I saw that it wouldn't allow us to do the things we want to do together I would stay retired. So right now it looks like a season of mountain bike racing with a Gran Fondo thrown in to satisfy my Euro Trash roots. Like I said I'm VERY excited.

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  1. What, and you're not going to SHARE that schedule?