Monday, December 28, 2009

snow and my new found distractions

Christmas is over. It can be a crazy emotional rollercoaster for some, and that can be a downer. But all in all it was nice. I love NOT being at work (duh?!) but Christmas day with nothing to do but watch TV drove me batty. I DID spend a cople hours earlier in the afternoon watching the 2009 Paris Roubaix DVD I got, which was sweet since I missed the days race on TV due to a family obligation. Who doesn't NEED  LenFer Du Nord archived for numerous plays while in the basement on the rollers?! COOL gift, that and my long time personal manager LOL as well as my youngest boy get excited when approaching the Forest of Arenburg. SWEET! I also got a IPOP nano, and a Nike +. So now I can listen to music (I never have) when running, and the Nike+ keeps track of the miles, pace, and calories(not necessary), all while I'm running thru the snow covered cold streets and trails listening to my favorite CDs. NICE.... THAT'S what those things are made for ;)  I still have to configure the Nike+ thing but I am digging the music when running. Funny, I never needed a distraction, but it is pretty cool.

Yesterday I rode with a group of BBVP, and XXX racing for a couple hours on windtrainers in a garage. Misery loves company LOL It was cool to get together with them, but I don't think(make that I wouldn't)consider riding on my own in the basement for that long. I guess that type of  insanity needs company! So I'm still digging the winter. The snow covered trail and road runs require additional strength and stamina to complete, but the results will be noticable as the winter continues. YES Virginia, there is a method to the madness :)

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