Monday, October 25, 2010

So what's really happening?!

Here's a bit of personal trivia, if my blog goes silent, it more than likely means I'm in a state of personal turmoil. This has been the case as of late. Work has been hellish, and taking it's toll. I've been so stressed and overwhelmed, that I totally got off track with everything other than surviving in my job, and foolishly trying to stay ahead and on top of everything. The end result is I'm burnt, overwhelmed, frustrated, angry, and simply confused. That's what happens to perfectionists working for perfectionists, and add to that type A personality, and a few other traits that can go either way as well. Without going into great detail, all I can say is I'm getting to a place where some dust is settling on a few decisions I made. It has been rough, but I ultimately learned what I'm willing to do to cope and more importantly what I can't do. Not having a good time right now, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't both scared, and hopeful at the same time.

My workouts have been reduced to about once a week over the last 3 or so weeks, and I have a half Marathon to do this Sunday. LOL As all of you know, I won't back out, and will be standing on the startline regardless of my current shape (or lack of). Which brings me to an important thought that has been in my head over the last couple of days. I'm blessed, lucky, fortunate, etc for my physical abilities, and have taken them for granted. My brother and my LPM ( ;) ) made a comment at breakfast yesterday how only I could pull off a half marathon with 3 runs in 3 weeks. It's like they write it off as a given. The reason that has been resonating so much is my LPM is struggling thru another injury not from overtraining but "other". I feel so bad for her, she wants to run so much, and yearns to run injury free and accomplish a few different race distance goals, but has experienced setback after setback. I've been fully supportive and most recently decided to build her up the full suspension mountain bike I rode this past summer for her to cross train on. YEAH I did get a 29er hard tail to take it's place so everyone wins :) BUT, the fact remains, I can go out and(insert event here) run a half marathon etc with little to no training, and she can't get her body to cooperate to get her thru a seasons worth of running uninjured that SUCKS! I did offer advice to her last night. I was hesitant because NOBODY wants to be told they can't do something they really want to do, but I hope it helps. I mentioned that she may want to cross train or ultimately focus on riding (and even swimming) for awhile. Change her direction... If running is bringing on so much injury she might benefit from riding, and trust me I've set her up REAL good with some great riding equipment. That's the benefit of marrying a cyclist ;) I'm sure if she gave it a chance she would probably totally enjoy cycling, YES I'm talking to you ;). There's a reason there are so many silent sports to choose from, and having a kick ass ride is much more exciting than having a nice pair of running shoes....
So yeah, I've realized how fortunate I am, and appreciate that more so than ever lately. It's ultimately influenced some of my recent choices on life and how to live it....

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