Friday, October 1, 2010

Run like Hell!

YEP, that's a great Pink Floyd tune (and the current image you see on my blogsite) Riding for the year as far as goals are concerned, is behind me, and I have switched into running mode. Over the last week or so I have transitioned to building running fitness which at this point is almost like starting from step one as far as endurance and speed are concerned. Outside of a run each week there hadn't been much if any of it done over the summer. That has officially changed. I'm now making it a priority over riding mostly because of a Halloween half marathon I'm signed up for, and to help shed some pounds I've put on. Along the lines of running, I've been TOTALLY digging a couple apps I have for my new smartphone which KICKS ASS! How have I been able to live witrhout this killer EVO phone?? It's taking over my life LOL Couple programs I'm digging are Cardio, and IMapmyrun (and ride). The cool thing is these programs layout your route when your done, thanks to GPS tracking, and upload all the stats of your workouts for later review. It should be cool to follow the improvements as time passes. The only thing I don't like is I cant track my runs when I'm in the trails, and I REALLY dig running in the forest. I also have to find a good solution to carrying mty phone without it feeling like it's in the way...But oh well, the coolness and wow factor outweigh the current shortcomings.
Last night, I ran on Argonne Labs trails to get in a 10 mile run, crushed limestone, rolling terrain, and a "woodsy" feel. It was reassuring to see my "base fitness" can get me thru a 10 miler with little preparation, but I felt heavy and sluggish mostly because running outside of 1 day a week with the running club I started late in the summer, or not at all = where I'm at. I'm sure with focus, persistence, and (unfortunately) being self centered with my training time, I should be able to get things together and make some decent improvements over the next month. Like the recent change in seasons, I am appreciating the change in activities but will miss riding (like missing summer). I guess you need to change things up a bit to appreciate what you really like.
Run on....

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