Thursday, July 8, 2010

not bad, not bad at all

I'm stoked, yesterday was week 3 of our new Wednesday night run group. 4 of us hit the local streets for what we've measured at just under a 5 mile course that includes water and facilities at the midpoint.. My old cycling buddy Budman showed up as well! Good times. So now we've got a group of what has already shown to be regulars, and were "visible" in the village. I'm seeing nothing but good stuff happening for this fun little project.
The trails have been GREAT all week.I give a lot of credit. They monitor the trail systems (including our local trails) and have a simple green, yellow, red light system. If it's red - you stay off the trails, if it's green - you ride them. We had the better part of June with red light (wet) conditions. I've been ( as was everyone else in the region)looking forward to off road riding for quite a while and it was driving me crazy. When the lights went green,  I found myself out riding the single track, and one thing evident was the trails were in PERFECT condition. Kudos to you guys for all you do (even the simple light system on your web site). Our trails kick a$$! So after all the bar and seat height adjustments, and the extra time I've spent riding it lately, I  FINALLY feel comfortable on the Full Suspension mountain bike.
 It's becoming more and more frequent for me to stop "thinking about the bike",
 and let it just do it's thing. It's an interesting concept (that not everyone takes the time to grasp), when your finally setup well, you become one with the bike when your out riding. It's the payoff for having a bit of healthy Eddy Merckx style OCD. It's a beautiful thing...

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