Sunday, June 21, 2009

reflections of a father

Today was/is Father's day. I spent the morning on the bike out for a road ride. Of course I went out and did my favorite climbs that I always do when I get some extra riding time. I also stopped by the Mary sanctuary, which is somewhat of a ongoing tradition, and offered a prayer of thanks, remembrance, and hope. I've been very grateful lately for the family I have. Grateful for my father, and mother. Grateful for my kids, grateful for my wife. I shed a tear of happiness, sorrow, and hope. I returned home and ran 6 miles with my "long time personal manager". I was grateful to be there for her. So... YES I did get some cool stuff today. Particularly, the Paris-Roubaix Coffee table book, and another called Ascent - a book about the legendary climbs of the tour. Reflecting on how the day went reminded me of a few things. Cycling is and has always been an important part of my life. I absolutely love the sport. It's provided so much to me, and it continues to be one of the positive driving forces in my life. Looking back, I'm grateful I had the opportunity and good fortune to have had such a successful racing career. Those years were wonderful. I entertained the notion of returning to racing this year, but realized early on in the year that me being a father continues to come first. THAT was the reason I stopped racing when I did, when the boys were of age to need me around for THEIR activities, and today it's still the right decision. I'm grateful that I can still ride well. I still have the legs, and when I'm lucky enough to put together a few weeks that allow me to get some miles in, it still is evident that I "have it"(at least in my little world). I'm grateful I have a passion that I can both enjoy, and be good at. I tell people to always look for that one thing in life such as this and never let it go. Those of us that find "it" are lucky. Today (Father's day) I'm grateful to be surrounded by the love of my family. The best way for me to give back, is to continue to try to be the best father to my kids that I can. Mistakes, shortcomings and all. The love that I have for them is unmatched. I wouldn't trade being their father for anything and as my life has shown, EVEN cycling...

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