Friday, June 19, 2009

bummer cycling news

With tonights bout of insomnia, I happened to come across two unfortunate cycling related stories that are real a bummer.
First and most unfortunate is Laurent Fignon is battling cancer, and it doesn't sound good. He is one of my long time favorites, and I may be the only American who was bummed when Lemond beat him by 8 seconds. He has recently been quouted as saying he is blaming drug use during racing for his illness... May God watch over him in this battle, and may he find good health once more.
The other news is Tyler Hamilton has been given an 8 year ban for testosterone use, which closes the door on his cycling career. He has said he will be focussing his time on family and spreading the word on the fight against depression. Such a shame. I like that guy, and am greatful to have met him at the end of last season. Memories of The Tour stage he rode with broken shoulder will always be one of the most inspirational.
This weekend I ride for both of them!

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