Monday, September 7, 2009

take the highway its faster...

It's pretty amazing, and likely a sign of the times. My cousin, and wife just had a baby. First thing I did when I heard she was in labor, TEXT my cousin good luck. My mom called us back later, she had her baby. As of this morning,I've seen and expressed well wishes to grandparents, and welcomed the baby in with well wishes and comments to thhe proud parents. I've also seen a collection of newborn photos as the morning has progressed. Right now it's 9am. A lot of family has done the same. ALL thru a social contact site. I work in technology, and at times it still amazes me when you notice things like the lines of INSTANT communication are out there and more imprtantly the preffered method of communication. Sign of the times, and like I said, my parents were calling me on their home phone, because thats how it was/is for them to keep in touch.

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