Thursday, October 1, 2009

good foundation and time for improvement

It's a blessing that I have a number of years of running experience. Right now my schedule calls for a time commitment coaching every night. I don't have the time to get in the training runs that are scheduled in the beginning of this latest training plan(doing the disney marathon in January). What I'm doing is use my existing aerobic base to my advantage and running a slightly longer run midweek as opposed to the shorter runs scheduled. It's carying me thru the first few wekks. Long runs on the weekends are still happening. I'm helping my long time personal manager prepare and run the marathon, and they are currently forced to find a cross training activity to take the place of some of their runs as well. SO I turned them on to a windtrainer for their bike. I'm confident that the newly found benefits of becoming a cyclist will improve their running. I'm excited to watch the improvement. BUSY times yes but if we are smart about how we train we will pull this off no problem :)

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