Friday, July 10, 2009

lesson in life when rebuilding the guitar

I'm in the process of refinishing my homemade strat. For those readers new to the site (LOL) it used to be a Van Halen 5150 replica but the paint used began cracking under the clearcoat resulting in a less than perfect guitar. I have read elsewhere on the net that this is a common occurence using the paint recommended. I then stripped it down, and decided to stain it purple. The problem was I was impatient and somewhat ignorant to the process. I wanted it done NOW and rushed thru it. The bottom line is the finished guitar sucked. I decided to strip it down and rebuild a 3rd time, but this time is different. I've been practicing patience, and taking my time. I find that I want instant gratification, and I am making a conscious effort to take my time. Every time I start telling myself I NEED to get a step done before I'm off to do something(rushing thru ssomething) I stop myself. I do the other tasks(non guitar related) and come back to the instrument when I have time and no deadlines or pressures. The result is proving MORE than worthwhile. It's actually coming out beautifuly. The cool part of the color is while stripping all the old finish off, I began to get a vision of how it could turn out with the color in the wood, and the stains etc I considered. Nobody I talked to seen the beauty of my vision except for my minds eye. It is now becoming that vision. I can now understand artistic vision from having experienced it first hand. I do the same when building up bikes.... So I'm just about to start clear coating it, and I am COMPLETELY satisfied with the color, and the wood preparation I did is top notch. It is literally perfect. I am thrilled at the results so far. Lesson learned for life in general, and I'm about to have the guitar I had hoped I could build.
Rock on....

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